Invest in a New Era

Do you, as a philanthropist and private sponsor, support projects that develop solutions for the future and employ unconventional means and ideas?

Do you, as a foundation, a concern or family office, grant funds to out-of-the-box ventures?

If the re-establishment of balance in human relationships is important to you; if cooperation is to replace competition, trust to prevail over control and shared abundance over greed - to name only a few ethical characteristics of a radical paradigm shift – then let us become partners.

If we share a wish to see new educational systems in which children's potential can unfold; if we share awareness that ethical economy reestablishes the common good and that well-directed water management can revive the great hydrological water cycles – to name only a few characteristics of a profound system change – then let us become partners.

Research and work on such issues is often known to a specialized minority only.  A few exceptional people, working with enormous dedication and often with insufficient funds, have founded many such system-changing projects. Their approaches and results are impressive.

New Era Invest brings you, the private and institutional donor, together with brilliant initiatives which stand for the rebuilding of the lost balance, locally and globally.

The wish to co-create social change for the wellbeing of coming generations unites the stakeholders.